Sunday Bliss – Bullet Journaling

Happy Sunday! I’m blogging a bit earlier in the day, but mainly because today has been a very relaxing Sunday and perhaps, for once, I’ll be in bed before midnight. 

I’ve recently gotten into the habit of journaling the week ahead of me with my own little bullet journal. Now, planning is very crucial to people with very busy lives. That’s just not me. However, I’m doing it to start the habit. I’m heading back to school in the fall and I have to be on top of my game. My bullet journal is more of an…art journal. I like to doodle and take magazine clippings to decorate my weekly spreads. Every bullet journal is different, but the point is to follow a key of tasks, etc. Yeah…that’s not me. So I made this journal my own and I’m going to share it with you! 

Welcome to my Sunday Bliss. 

This is my May cover page. I added a small calendar right in the center and a little uplifting quote to get me through the month. This is something a lot of my cover sheets feature. However, the design is always different. That’s the fun part! 

I start with a pencil and a ruler. I’ve seen a lot of people that go straight in with their markers and come up with the greatest results…I just don’t have that confidence. 

I make sure to have my daily boxes. I give enough space in case I have to jot things down throughout the week. On the left page, I made sure to include a NOTES box, in case of any reminders, and the smaller box is my NEXT WEEK box for upcoming things. I instantly regretted making this so small after I outlined it in pen! On the right page, I added a box titled BUY, just to remind me of necessities I needed. And the bigger box is my BLOGGING box. This is where I’ll write down my DIY blog ideas. So far so good. 

I outlined everything using my Micron 01 pen in black. It’s pretty…blank. But that’s okay! More things to fill in! 

And here is the finished result. It’s still pretty empty, but I’ll fill it in as the week goes. Every box has a “shift,” which is simply me writing down when I work. And I jotted down little notes of things I had to get done. I added a small Polaroid of my laptop that I took a long time ago. I think it fit perfectly right next to my blogging box. I added a floral washi tape which is my current favorite pattern! I’m still getting the hang of journaling, as you can tell. But I hope to get a couple more cute supplies to decorate my pages with. It’s really really calming to sit there, with soft music playing, and getting creative. 

If you keep a bullet journal, let me know in the comments! I would looooove to check your stuff out! 

Happy journaling! 


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