Two little projects to pass the time 

Wow, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? I admit, I am horrible at keeping a steady schedule these days. The blues decided to linger around a little longer in my life. I haven’t had much time to get as crafty as I wanted to, but I’ve recently purchased a scrapbook as a way of easing back into it. So for this post, I’m just showing you a bit of what I’ve made so far. 

DIY Polaroid Pictures

I was trying to find a way to decorate the empty spaces in my scrapbook, and I put college brochures to good use. I received a few from New York University in the mail and the photos in the pamphlets were perfect for my NYC pages. So I turned them into little Polaroid pictures. Of course, you can use your own pictures or magazine clippings. In this example, I used a picture of my home city, Chicago. 

This whole sheet was enough inspiration for me. I ended up using the Crain Communications Building for inspiration. I simply cut it out to a good, small size. You can use the film itself for accurate measurements, but I really didn’t care to. I didn’t mind if they were larger than the actual credit card sized photos. I also ended up making two from this single sheet. Honestly, magazines are your best friend for this project. 

Oh god, ignore my hellish nails. I have not found the time to get them properly filled in yet. 

Using a sheet of white cardstock, I made sure to first place my photo on the sheet to see approximately where I should trim it to make the perfect Polaroid border. I used my handy dandy Tacky Glue pen to set it down. This pen helps you use just the right amount of glue, instead of squirting out a blob and making the paper crinkly. I made sure the top and side edges of the cardstock were thinner than the bottom edge. I wanted the exact same style for these photos as the original polaroids. And you’re all done! 

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THESE. They make perfect fillers for my scrapbook pages and I’m so excited to put them to good use! 

This was the main inspiration for these. And you can definitely tell this was the first one I ever made because the edges are not trimmed straight at all. Please don’t judge me. It bothers me too!  *shudders*
Floral Mirror 

This next project was inspired by Pinterest. I couldn’t find the original photo for the life of me, but I tried to recreate it. Of course, it’s not difficult at all and absolutely anyone can make this. It adds a special touch to that plain, full length mirror you have somewhere at home. I had previously painted my mirror black, after it was a very ugly faded cream color. This mirror has been with me since I was a teenager, so I wanted to change it up a little bit. 

I had three little flowers laying around. I’m still trying to find some flowers that resemble these so I can add more on the bottom corner. 

I took my flowers and glued them on the top left corner using a hot glue gun. One of the flowers was missing the little green base (as shown below), which was making the flower fall apart, so I made sure to add a dab of hot glue prior to sticking it on the mirror to avoid the petals from falling off one by one. 

I made sure to add a generous amount of hot glue because I really wanted it to stick to the frame. Make sure you lay your mirror flat as you work, so the flowers don’t risk moving about if you’re working with the mirror still standing up (as shown below). 

I pressed down for a few seconds and let it dry completely before standing it back up again. 

And ta-da! You can add them all around the frame of the mirror, or just a bunch in the top and bottom corner like I plan to do. I just have to find similar flowers. Although, I am curious about how it would look with flowers all around the frame….I may post an update as soon as I find the flowers! 

As always, thank you oh so much for checking out my blog posts. I hope these little projects inspire you to create something much bigger! 

Happy crafting! 


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